Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Emo 18th Cake.... Cherry blossoms and Studs

This cake was a fun one to make, for a young lady turning 18, i call it the treemo cake, because the theme was black and white with studs and cherry blossoms but the trees were painted on and looked a bit creepy.... cool... but creepy. so the brief was a black and white themed cake with a black hat with studs and a single red rose.

here is a detail of the silver and gold studs on the band, and the studs on the 18, you can see the hand painted "treemos" and the blossoms...

and a detail of the hat, with the treble cleft and the red rose, you can also see the bow
The young lady actually owned a similar hat to that, which she loves to wear so the hat signified her alternative style.

love to you all... gots to run! xx

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