Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
Rainbow cake

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Baby Shower Cake

This cake was a different one, I had never done a nappy bottom cake before, and this one was a fun one to work out.... it was a 3 layer mud upon which another tier is placed which becomes the nappy bottom.
It was a cute cake and one that I worked out as I went along... as usual for me.....It was a mix of Fondant modelling which I drew on my sculpting skills and mud cake stacking skills.... It turned out to be a two Tier dressed up as sculpture really.  
So I took a 3 layer stack mud with chocolate ganache, and i fondanted with white and added polka dots in gelato colours.
I took the 2nd tier and carved the edges off so the nappy wouldnt have any sharp adges.  I added the white fondant nappy and 2 peachy fondant legs.... I did this off the cake and added it as a whole tier later.
I made 2 little feet and 10 little toes, adding them onto the cake after i positioned the nappy into the cake.
I added a yellow layer of fondant which looked like a shirt or dress,

All that wasleft to do was add more polka dots and the writing!
Some detail of the feet, 10 beautiful toes, and some creases added on the feet for authenticity.

this is the other side

 some pretty fondant ribbon and bows, makes it a lovely cake for a baby shower!


  1. Your one very creative and amazing person :)

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  3. this and the topsy cake are my favs sim!! all are brill but these ones are also sooooo fun!!! love it lady!!

  4. OMG THE FEET! I must nibble on those feet!

    1. Hey Kelley, yes i was really happy the feet were so cute! I am stoked you looked at my cakes, and I hear you HATE cakes! xx