Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
Rainbow cake

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Robbies First Birthday

My beautiful baby boy Robbie turned 1 and I made a cake for his party, a 2 tier butter cake in blue fondant and a teddy sitting on a patchwork quilt on top... the fillling was chocolate butter cream. I baked late in the week so I had to wait until the day of his party to fondant and put together the tiers of the cake, as a rule it is preferable to let the cake sit for a day so the cake doesnt move when its put together. Luckily my mum and hubby were here to help with the prep for the party and get the 4 kids ready, while I caked. So I got up early, and started with the buttercream and the filling the layers with piped icing.  It was a fun job as who doesnt like icing at breakfast time?!!  the kids thought they were still dreaming!!

I wasnt entirely happy with the quilt effect but  it was a make it up as you go situation! i ended up choosing a few colors and over laying the coloured squares onto a white piece of rolled fondant. I was really freaked by my time constraints so next time i would also texturize around the squares to make them look more "quilty", I ended up cutting the rug at the ends to look like fringing. it really looked great and added stitching with light blue royal icing piped with a fine tip ....add some white fondant dots and a bow with some green stars... voila! i had never attempted a teddy bear before so i just started with some easy shapes like a round tummy, a little round head ...add some ears indented with a hand tool, detail like tummy patch eyes and nose were done with americolor black mixed with white spirit to dilute. the arms were sausage shapes with cut offs for teddy hands..hes pretty fat! it was a learning experience but i was really happy with it in the end... took 3 hours to do all up and that was at top gear as 30ish people were coming at 2pm and there was other party prep to do. Robbie loved his cake! Happy birthday spunky!

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  1. Your cakes are just gorgeous, butter cream at breakfast mmm works for me ;)