Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Memory Box Memorial Birthday Cake for Gabby

I had the honour of making a memorial cake for my good friend Gabby's Grandfather who would have turned 100 if he hadn't passed away just weeks before his birthday. So armed with photos photoes of him and his medals from the war, his engineers set and what I remember of him, thinking about the fact he always drove around in his Jag... I set about designing a cake that would incorporate all those memories. So i decided to make a wooden memory box that held these things that symbolised him.
I started with his picture on fondant mixed with modelling paste to look like his photo.

I built up the edges of the cake after i ganached it and and used Rice buddy would say,sticking them down with ganache. 
My stupid phone switched off so I didnt get any pictures of making the war medals, which is annoying, or the making of the engineer tools and the jaguar mascot.

the tools were allmade with modelling paste and fondant mixed together half /half, and I did the detail on the medlas with my icing tip and a fondant tool... i coloured with gold and silver paint and copper coloured lustre powder.
The interior of the box is lined with blue fondant and sprinkled with blue coconut, to soften the look of the box's interior and make it look like it has been lined with material. Yep that meant at 11pm I was dying coconut. lol

theres a good shot of the Leaping Jaguar

I added his name and  Year of birth and death on the front of the cake.
I made the wood grain look with a sharp tool and drew long lines into the side of the cake to create texture and glazed it with apricot jam and water mixture to make it look shiny like a lacquered box.

I was really honoured to do this cake for Gabby and her family, Her grandfather was a real dapper gentleman about town, and it was a touching tribute to him on what would have been his 100th birthday. Happy Birthday Frank Couch Michell wherever you are!