Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
Rainbow cake

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lawn Bowls Bag cake.....

My next cake was a lawn Bowls bag, for a friend. She also got the twee pot cake, so she is officially my best customer! A picture of the bag was sent to me, as the birthday boy is an avid bowls player.... and this is how it turned out.....
The cool thing about this cake was that i got to buy a new tool to make it.... i call it a zipper and stitching tool, like a pastry cutter, but with 3 interchangeable heads.... it rocks... alot of the detail was made with the stitching tool.
it started out as all cakes do... with chocolate slab cake and chocolate buttercream.
cut to shape, to look like a bag

 ganashed and i made it quite shown.....
then fondant all over in sections, plus a pocket ready for the black trimmings and handles to be applied.
it was all about small details, using a piping tip i made the studs and made the silver emblem fondant and my trusty edible silver paint

zipper detail

I applied fondant to the board like grass and textured it with a clean cloth...and made a jack.(white ball) out of shaped rice bars and fondant and a black bowls made the same way. add the zippers and you may not be able to see but all the black detail has stitches to look like it was actually sewn.
Add the handles, which was a bit of a conundrum, i decided to use plastic tubing covered in black fondant and mounted on skewers to stand them up...

its a good pic of the bowls ball and there you can see the skewers holding up the handles.and i added the square stitched patches to make it all flow together and it was done..! sort of... i mean i am leaving out the smaller things that make it special like the studding detail and the white polishing cloth sitting under the larger ball. all the zippers added with water as my sticking agent....the lettering of the happy birthday sign....

Craig and Danielle were really happy with the overall look of the cake and i was pretty happy with it also. the back of the cake looked the same as the front except for the pocket, i put only one pocket on the cake.... it looked quite like the picture sent to me... i'll let
you be the judge. xx


  1. You have some major talent there Simone :)

  2. Thanks Jan, I am in excellent company with you and Angie! xx