Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
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Thursday, 23 February 2012

1961 FB Holden cake

My father in law Bob turned 65 last week so we dcided to throw a surprise birthday party, the cake was left to me and my sister in law and I thought it would be grouse to do a car cake like the car Bob  owned way back when.i baked mud cake simply because i thought it would model well as a 3 dimensional cake

So i baked a few slabs of mud and started ganaching and stacking, i had drawn what the cake should look like so i could get my mind around where all the acessories should go and get the proportions right.
i tried to get the curves right, building it up a bit with the choclate ganache work!
i rolled out some fondant and coverd the ganached car with light blue fondant
it was a delicate process poking, prodding and coaxing the fondant into shape. i maade markings on the fondant for windows, and where the white wings should go along the car.
i tucked the excess fondant under the car rather than simply cutting it off to give the illusion of being off the board. you can see all the while refining the shape of the hood and boot, especially around the lights
meanwhile using my shape cutters i cut out 2 circles for the headlights, colcoured them silver and texturized the toplayer to look like a head lamp. i painted in the grill ready for piping on the the tail lights
the tail lights were layered fondant coloured shapes, literally the whole car was broken down into shape components that i made and attached, i then painted in the windscreen and side windows, not to forget the white wings on the side of the car. its really beginning to look like a car at this stage.

small details were added in , like shading on the chassis to give it a more real look, around the bonnet and trunk, under the wheel arches and in the doors.... strangely enough i completely forgot some components alltogether like mirrors and door handles.... weird....
chrome details
i piped in the grill, made black wheels to stick in under the guard,  added the bumper bar and a number plate BOB 65....voila!!


  1. Oh My! My favourite car in the whole wide world!
    Mine is being painted in the lovely light Castille green *think Tinkerbell mixed with white* and is totally not edible like yours.

    I am about to spam you to all my friends from the FB/EK club. LOVE IT!

  2. It was a really great cake to make, I had lots of fun and the FB has always been a fave of mine as well. I love that green! its going to look ace! Sim1

  3. siiiiiim this is my favorite EVER. You are just far too talented lady!! so clever!