Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
Rainbow cake

Friday, 10 February 2012

How i would boost my Vitamin Me Levels whilst getting about in my thong

I sincerely need to spread myself around, get funky with it and trip the light fantastic on an awesome Queensland holiday powered by Nuff Nang To work on my vitamin me levels Of course i would hit that disco with a cocktail the size of a bucket with all sorts of chopped up fruit in it to offset the taste of the litre of vodka and malibu in that baby! Dont forget the holiday sized umbrella sticking out of that drink so big if I got caught in a windstorm the size of cyclone Yazi i could take shelter. I am a huge Nature walker (pls read lazing by hotel pool in my thong) and I would work on my vitamin me levels by kayaking a few kms ( pls read flat out on a massage table in Palazzo Versace Health Spa with a glass of vino bianco velcroed to my hand ) I wouldnt waste a single moment , I'd get my chakras centred, my meridians tuned up and swear an affiliation to Buddha, he seems like a laid back fella and thats how I'd be, including the rounded profile. hehe. dont forget I'd never be out of that Thong... see attached picture of thong....
the edible type, mud cake may not fair well on the beach tho.....
next to make this thong cake....

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