Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
Rainbow cake

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Caitlin's 1st Birthday Butterfly Cake

I was asked by a dear friend of mine to do a cake for her daughter Caitlin, and the theme was butterfly, in pinks and gelato colours, I was very happy with that and i decided to make it a rainbow cake, without the orange as that particular colour is my friends least favourite... the rainbow factor would provide a wow factor for everyone when we cut the cake. Best part of this cake is i get to partake in the cake as well...awesome! so i began with baking 2 layers, 1 was yellow and blue the other was purple and pink. i used strawberry buttercream, in pink also. i had a hard time thinking about how the butterfly woud look, as usual i stayed up all night thinking about it, and mentally planning the way i would do certain things.... CONTROL FREAK meets worry wort!

i cut out a butterfly shape and iced the middle with my trusty piping bag and the out side with my trusty knifula, a knife that is camoflaged as a spatula....

I overlayed the butterfly with fondant, and cut into the top layer in stripes across the wings for texture and to guide where the patterns would go. i dont have any inbetween pictures as i was really strapped for time.... i needed to get this done to go away for the weekend. mu hubby was doing the anxious pace and sweep as usual.
the butterfly body is made of modelled fondant and using my tools i have made the stripes across for texture and authenticity
i used sparkle dust to accentuate the wings and act sort of as shadow work, a few hearts in purple and blue dots using the poking tool to poke the dots in the border and shapes.... simple and effective.
a pretty bow for the outer border of the cake.... and we're done!
Happy birthday Caitlin!

 the best part of making a cake!... the eating of The cake!!!!!!look at those colours!

with all the candles and on the table it was a lovely cake, and i got to chop it up for everyone, mainly because nobody knows where to cut first!

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