Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Aussie Thong Cake

I have 2 great friends Ginnie and her hubby Qas who turned 40 this year and had a big bash, the theme being Aussie, so come in yor thongs and VB shirts, listen to some Aussie songs. The cake was a 50 cm long mud cake with chocolate ganache, covered in royal blue, red and white fondant aussie flag style. LOVE IT!!! So heres how the magic happened....
I drew a template to cut out the shape, it was a good way to get the cake cut out evenly, and i built up the end of the cake with offcuts. i made 2 litres of ganache to fill and cover the thong.

I rolled out the first layer of blue fondant that i had dyed the appropriate colour blue with blue food colouring and a few good drops of purple to pop the colour. Great advice from the ladies from cake decorating central. i cut out the white cross in fondant.
then i cut out the red central cross and the stars on the southern cross. I used a skewer for the thong strap sut it 3 cm above the cake and covered it in fondant.

I attached plastic straps but didnt like the effect, i covered them in red fondant but even with tissues underneath, they didnt set hard....aaaarrrggghhh! so i took them off and used some hard plastic from a cut lemonade bottle (washed and santised of course)
The difference was that the plastic had a curve to it and therefore wanted to stand up like thong straps should.
i used a hand tool to texturise the edges of the thongs and added a white fondant star to cover where i taped the straps to the skewer.
i added some raw sugar and royal icing mixture with two drops of ivory to achieve the sand colour them used my palette knife (I all it knifula)to trowel it looked so good!
i delivereed the cake and at the cake cutting i got to carve the cake up as well! it was yummo!
Get your aussie thong on !!!!!!!!

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