Simones cake creations

Simones cake creations
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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Killer Klown Cake

My most recent adventure in cake was the Killer Klown cake, based on the 1988 movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. It was for my friend AJ's 40th birthday. His theme was the killer clown theme so My friend Tanya, sent me a small pic and asked me if I could make a Cake based on that picture.
As you can see i was quite an interesting subject , as alot of people i know have KLOWN ISSUES. I based the cake on the main figure in the foreground of the picture and set about drawing a template for the cake.  also to get my head around the design. then I baked a chocolate mud cake using a 4x1kg of Bakels mud mix, mixing each mud mux individually. I poured each mix into a greased and paper lined square tin that was 30 x 30 cm.120 degrees celsius. I baked it for 6 hours on cook it through without drying it out, it seems like a long time but it is over 6 kgs of cake including liquids added like eggs, water and oil. It is such a beautiful cake to eat, so dense but not dry or hard.
I let the cake cool and what I call cure for a day, then I usually find it has hardened enough to carve into. thats when the template comes in handy, it is great for marking out where you need to cut. I cut out the shape and then i slice the cake in half horizontally to make two layers and spread some dark chocolate ganache then replace the top layer. To the cakers out there it may seem a bit obvious but I'm sure someone was wondering....

I then place the template on top of cake and literally slice into the template to mark out where the facial features will go. It ends up looking like Gene Simmons...all angry. It was easy to get the proportions right this way.

 iended up dirty icing it with chocolate ganache, it was just easier at the time....i did white fondant for the face, then using the drawing i added cheeks out of red fondant...premade and mixed up pink for the lips, the hair was red fondant that i used a texture tool to create a fuzzy look.... although red pasmak (persian fairy floss ) would have been perfect. couldnt find it not sure if it exists in red either...Eyes were added and eyebrow ridges un white fondant

the nose was made from a ferrero rocher covered in red fondant and the mouth was filled with black premix fondant... its blacker than what i can mix up myself. the eyelashes were black fondant but i ended up changing them....they just werent evil enough.... so i got out my tequila and my colours and went to town painting up a storm....

The teeth cut out of white fondant and black food colourong blended with white spirits to dirty up the cake , the extra peices were all added with tylose glue and the eyecalls were painted with tylo to look glossy
add the green fondant that i ended up texturizing to look a bit crazy quilted and it was done. the fondant was pieced togther and the pleats were added later as rolls of fondant separate. 

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